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Do I need a Reservation?

  Yes. This ensures your spot on the boat! During the reservation process, please be sure to supply us with a cell phone or hotel phone number of where you are staying so that we can contact you in the event a schedule changes.

When does the boat leave?

  Please be aware that the posted times for all the trips are DEPARTURE TIMES, meaning that the boat will pull away from the dock at that time. The Raptor prides itself on running a tight ship, which includes making every effort to leave the dock on time, so plan on arriving no later than 30 minutes prior to the posted departure time.

Boarding officially begins one hour prior to the posted departure time, so we recommend taking advantage of the extra time to check in with the divemaster (show your cert card, fill out your release and select a dive station) as well as setting up and testing your gear, hanging up your wetsuit or drysuit with the hanger that is provided and enjoying a cup of coffee and a fresh donut (also provided.)

We really dread pulling away from the dock with “no-shows” (people who sign up and pay for a trip but fail to show up) so please be cognizant of the departure times and allow extra time if you need to pick up any rental equipment prior to the trip. The rental department also opens one hour prior to departure.

How can the check-in process be expedited?

  For a smooth, expedited check-in, go ahead and print out the form entitled “BOAT TRAVEL AND SCUBA DIVING VOLUNTARY RELEASE, WAIVER, AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK” and fill it out prior to your arrival. Be sure to write legibly and make certain that the date on the form matches the date of the trip. (The link to the form is on the “schedule/reservations” page.

When you arrive for the check-in, give the completed form to the divemaster at the boat-side dock station and show him your certification card. You will be directed to board the Raptor and make a station selection. Find an open station and note the number (which is clearly shown on the gear-storage crate that is provided under the bench) so you can inform the DM of your choice.

If the station you select doesn’t have the size of tanks you prefer or if you need DIN tanks, don’t panic and wig-out. Calmly inform one of the deckhands and the situation will magically be corrected. No sweat. Diving on the Raptor is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so our crew is there to help you in any possible way they reasonably can.

If you have a large wheelie-style gear bag, an over-sized hard-case (Pelican box, etc) or any other bag that will not fit in the open area next to your crate, go ahead and remove the gear that you will need for the day and then leave your large bag in the designated area on the dock. It will be transported to a secure storage area and then returned to the dock just prior to the return of the Raptor to the harbor.

Once you have been on the Raptor once or twice, you will see how well-organized and smooth the check-in and set-up procedure is.

What is your refund policy?

The Raptor offers a tremendous value to its clients. Our prices are very fair; our boat is fast, clean and well laid-out in order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. While the vessel is certified by the US Coast Guard to safely transport 36 divers, we limit the loads to 20 divers on 3-tank trips and 22 on 2-tank trips. We allow snorkelers and ride-along passengers at greatly reduced rates and their numbers do not impact the diver numbers.

Because of our desire to make your experience as pleasant as possible, once you register and pay for a trip, the spot you hold on the ship’s roster is no longer available to anyone else (unless you decide to give it to or sell it to another diver, in which case we need to be informed) therefore it is imperative that you understand our refund/re-booking policy to avoid any frustration or misunderstandings.

Our policy is very fair to you and to us and is by far the most generous and lenient policy we have witnessed. Here it is:

In order to secure a guaranteed spot on the Raptor, you will need to select the date you wish to join us on and make payment in full. In the event something comes up wherein you are not able to make the trip, there is a sliding refund/rebook scale that reflects the likelihood of our being able to re-sell the spot that you have already claimed.

If you cancel 7 or more days prior to the commencement of boarding of the trip, you will be offered a full refund or a 100% rebooking credit for a future trip (to be used within one year.)

If you give us less advanced notice, 4 to 6 days prior to the trip, your refund or rebooking credit will be reduced to 50% of the trip fee, also to be used within one year.

Unfortunately, if you find it necessary to cancel the trip within 3 days of the trip, you will receive no refund or rebooking credit of any kind. You do have the option of selling your spot or allowing another diver to take your place as long as you notify us. Also included in this category are situations in which a person missed the boat for whatever reason… traffic problems, car trouble, pet emergencies or illness/injury.

Cancel Days Prior
To Booked Trip

7 or more
4 to 6 days
1 to 3 days


The best way to let us know of a cancellation is to call the reservations line at 805 650 7700 and talk with an agent. If you send an email, it will be time-stamped when it is opened, not when you sent it.

Be aware that we truly value your business and that we do not enjoy hearing that someone has not shown up for a trip. These things are beyond our control.

How long is the boat ride?

  The average travel time for the Raptor to get to Anacapa is 45 minutes, however this can vary slightly based on sea conditions and will take longer if we slow down to observe wildlife in the Channel on the way over to the island.

We can go faster, however this is the estimated amount of time that is required to allow the passengers to eat all the donuts.

Santa Cruz takes about 10-15 minutes longer.

Does the Divemaster dive with us?

  No, our divemaster stays on the boat for surface assistance. You will be given a full dive briefing on the location and typical dive profile. If you are a solo traveler, we will do our best to buddy you up with a fellow diver(s). If you are interested in having a divemaster take you on a tour, please call in advance so that arrangements can be made.

Do you offer rental gear?

  Yes, we have a full inventory of rental gear from 7MM wetsuits to full weight integrated BCD's, regulators and everything in-between. Nitrox is also available for Nitrox Certified Divers. For rental prices, click here.

Can I bring my own tanks?

  Absolutely, we'll simply take ours off the boat.

What do you provide on your trips?

  Trips aboard the Raptor include hot coffee and fresh donuts in the morning, a selection of fresh fruit and a veggie tray with dip after the first dive, free-choice soft drinks throughout the day as well as a selection of chips, crackers, cookies and hot chocolate & apple cider. Fresh ice-water is always available.

For the main course, we mix it up a bit, offering ham & cheese sandwiches or tuna-salad sandwiches (or both) as well as a hot dish such as minestrone soup, chili, beef stroganoff, or BBQ’d pulled pork. The menu changes like the weather, but one thing remains consistent: the homemade brownies for the ride home.

We also supply steel tanks for the divers, with a choice between our standard LP 85s or HP 72s in either yoke or DIN configurations. Nitrox is available if requested at least 3 days prior to the trip, however there is a $6 per tank up-charge for nitrox and you will be required to show your nitrox certification.

Weights are not included in the trip fee, however they are available for rent when you arrive for the trip. We have both soft weights (bean-bag style) as well as hard weights on a weight-belt.

Are the fresh homeade brownies you serve on the way back to the harbor FAT FREE ?

  We have not had the brownies analyzed by an independent lab, however it is widely held to be quite likely that the brownies are not fat-free. They will, in their defense, assist you in replenishing the caloric deficit that resulted from the expenditure of energy during the dives. And they taste great, too.

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